At Copeland Road Health Ventures, we understand the unique challenges faced by organizations in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem. In close collaboration with clients, we tailor innovative solutions to specific needs. By combining deep industry knowledge with a forward-thinking approach, we assist our clients in driving the right relationships and crafting products and services that add value, are efficient and maximize financial performance.

We work with transformative tech enabled and service delivery firms in a variety of industry segments.
Sometimes, your sales team gets stuck, or your executives need a sounding board. That’s where an advisor can help.  With many years of experience in the C-Suite of healthcare organizations and a roster of executive contacts, your advisor will help you:

Understand Client Decision Making

Pressure Test Your Strategy

Collaborate On Beneficial Positioning

Facilitate Executive Introductions

Amplify Your Message

There are hundreds, even thousands of early stage companies with phenomenal ideas pushing to transform healthcare.  The challenge is that there are a fixed number of buyers, most of whom are in traditional, conservative businesses.  Health systems, health plans, employers and brokers all have business models and reputations to protect. Additionally, decision making in most of these organizations is done in a group format. From the buyer’s perspective, working with an early stage company, no matter how innovative is daunting.  The status quo is much more comfortable, even when they really like your product. The right advisor can make your challenges less daunting.